Jingle Jingle: It’s Game Season

24 11 2008


Christmas is coming and everybody is gleefully planning their leave schedules and killing the devils that are their work commitments for this amazing month of December.All you students out there, Congratulations! Exams are OVER and its time to P-A-R-T-Y and of course finish that game you’ve been putting on hold all this while. As for myself , i have strategically applied my pathetic amount of leave in a brilliant way to maximize its effect.

I can hear it. Your computer’s calling you.

Its okay. go ahead.


So lets see, as everybody knows EA is releasing a zillion games as usual. Among them, their Big time releases like Red Alert 3, Call Of Duty : World At War and the one i just recently found out about , GTA 4. So many games so little time. Here’s my play list in order of addiction/ possible future addiction

  1. Starcraft 2 (When blizzard gets approval from the gods to release it)
  2. Red Alert 3
  3. Crysis: Warhead
  4. Dead Space
  5. Left4Dead
  6. Fall Out 3
  7. Far Cry 2
  8. S.T.A.L.K.E.R: Clear Sky
  9. Need For Speed: Undercover
  10. Call Of Duty: World At War
  11. Mirror’s Edge ( Now this one i really really Really wanna try )
Dead Space

Dead Space

Now the only issue is the Moolah to get these games. I’ll manage that somehow.OH Tomb Raider: Underworld is coming out too!.


So far, Red alert has been impressive. I like the new concept with the co-op play which is even more new in strategy games than in FPS.Moreover, it feels as though they modeled RA3 to model the graphics of War craft 3(Chunky Characters and all). The new units are interesting to use as each unit has some side function like the soviet infantry can switch modes and throw Molotov cocktails.Its Interesting and its red alert.Not forgetting, the game boasts an impressive cast of actors that are actually known. They really spent alot of time to make the cut scences just right and it shows. If the gameplay is’nt your thing then this is atleast a good short film for you.EA got it right with RA3 unlike with C&C3.


I’ve been playing Crysis Warhead as well and i have to say, for me, its more fun than the previous Crysis. Its way more fast paced and with loads more action. No more walking around the jungle for a half hour.Plus, it runs more smoothly and can work well with less computer muscle.Definitely good news and a great game.



Sitex Is coming up too on the 27th so its time to rig up as well. NEW graphics is the way i’ll be going need to get one of new SLI cards for ATI.I Don suspect that any of the games are gonna go any easier on our computers. Well it’ll be cheap deals all around there so make sure your there. EXPO from 27th to the 30th.


Need For Speed: Undercover

Anyhoo before i go fight my wars with the soviets and the empire of the rising sun, check these trailers out.